Fundraiser FAQs

Questions about Fundraising with Pinkabee?
Here are some answers:

Why fundraise with Pinkabee?
With Pinkabee Fundraising, the process is simple and fast, with NO work for you, other than spreading the word! Plus, online shopping makes it easy for out-of-town friends & family to support you! Anyone in the country can shop for your cause.
*Please note, that we are currently only able to hold fundraisers within the United States.*

How far in advance should I plan my fundraiser?
We recommend scheduling your 3-day Shop & Earn Fundraiser at least 2 weeks in advance. When you fill out the Start a Fundraiser form, you should
indicate what dates you are hoping to hold your fundraiser. Once we get in touch with you, we will let you know what availability we have for that time frame. We can schedule you for the next available spot, or something further in the future! 

How long does it take to plan a fundraiser?
With Pinkabee™ Fundraising, the process is quick and easy! Once you complete the Start a Fundraiser form, we will get in touch with you to schedule your fundraiser. You will most likely have a week or two before your "Shop & Earn" time to promote your event and get the buzz out so that people support your cause. 

How much money will I raise?
Your group will earn 50% of all sales that use your Fundraiser ID Code during your scheduled 3-Day Shop & Earn Event. How much you earn depends on how
many people shop to support your group!   *Please note, the 50% of total sales earned does not include shipping costs or any sales tax collected.*

What is "Shop & Earn" time?
This is the 3-Day time frame that your group will schedule for your fundraiser. During this time frame, your group members, friends, family, and other supporters can shop on the Pinkabee website and use your ID Code at checkout. All sales during the Shop and Earn time that use your ID Code will be tallied, and your group will receive 50% of the total sales. 

When will I get my group's Fundraiser ID Code?
Once you schedule your 3-Day Fundraiser, we will email you the Fundraiser ID Code for your Event. You can then let your group members and other supporters know what the code is so they can use it when shopping for your cause. If you are posting on Social Media regarding your fundraiser, it is important to include the ID Code and to remind everyone that they must include your code before checking out. If supporters forget your code, they can always find it on the "Find Your Fundraiser" page. 

I forget my group's Fundraiser ID what?
If you can't remember your groups ID Code, you can find it on the "Find Your Fundraiser" page (under Fundraisers tab in the main menu). 

How do supporters that shop on the site get their products?
We will package and ship orders directly to the purchasers. It will be a regular online shopping experience for your supporters - only difference is you
earn 50% for your organization or charity! 

What do I have to do as the coordinator of the fundraiser?
You only have three things to do...schedule your Shop & Earn time, spread the word about the fundraiser (and your ID Code), and shop! It really couldn't
be easier to raise money for your organization or charity!

Can I monitor my group's progress during the fundraiser?
Yes! Your group will receive a private link where you can check in on your fundraiser's progress throughout your Shop & Earn time. The page will be updated after the close of business each day.

When will my group receive our raised funds?
Within two weeks after your Shop & Earn time ends, your group's total sales will be added, and your 50% earnings will be calculated. We will email you a PDF
of your final results, and send a check with your earnings in the mail. 


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